Hulu’s Dopesick and the Pharma Pandemic Profit Pattern

Watching Dopesick expose how Pharma used the same nefarious playbook during the pandemic as when it rolled out Oxycontin, benzos and other meds was truly cathartic, and a bit disturbing . . .

Top 5 Water Tapering Questions Answered

In my Use Water to Taper Your Benzo video I give a short explanation and demonstration of how to create a water suspension with your pill so you can micro taper daily with a liquid version of your medication. I purposefully kept this video as simple as possible because I know how hard it canContinue reading “Top 5 Water Tapering Questions Answered”

Is Xanax Really the Bad Guy?

This is a blog I wrote for Mad in America in 2017. You can read the original piece here. “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet,” Juliet proclaimed. However, if Juliet had been born today she might have said, “Xanax by any other name is still Xanax.” This concept, unfortunately, seems toContinue reading “Is Xanax Really the Bad Guy?”

Seeds of Hope: A Journey Through Medication and Madness Toward Meaning

These are a few excerpts from my memoir published in 2020 by Moonglade Press: 191 pages including photos. All images and written content subject to copy right law. Chapter 1 Connecting the Dots You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dotsContinue reading “Seeds of Hope: A Journey Through Medication and Madness Toward Meaning”

Featured Video: Ambien to Ativan and Tapering

This is the first video I ever made for my Benzo Brains YouTube channel. Originally the channel was called “little miss perfect” because I had originally intended it for funny videos of my very precocious little girl. Eventually I figured out how to rename it and changed the name. The video quality here is lowContinue reading “Featured Video: Ambien to Ativan and Tapering”